Why they donate: The Hartnett’s

October 8, 2010

Paul and Marge, long-time supporters of the Columban Fathers, share their thoughts on why they made a legacy gift to the Mission Society.

We moved to Bellevue, Nebraska, in the late 1950s, and joined the parish of St. Mary’s, where Columban missionary priests occasionally celebrate Mass.  We soon discovered the annual festival that the Columbans hosted on their grounds nearby every summer, and volunteered to help out at the event.  Since we knew many of the Columban priests, it seemed like a good way to get involved in the Columban mission.

Many of the Columban priests became our close friends, and were a great delight to know over the years.  They really are “priests of the people”—down to earth, easy to relate to, and genuinely interested in others.

God has richly blessed our lives, and we wanted to give back in a way that would benefit others.  After many years as friends of the Columban Fathers, we decided to make a legacy gift.

The Columban annuity program provided everything we were looking for in the gift.  It was an easy and simple way to give both now and in the future, and setting up the annuity turned out to be very straightforward and uncomplicated.  We receive income now, and will be able to help others in the future.

The Columban Fathers are wonderful, and run a great organization!  They adapt to the needs of the people they serve, even as the role of mission changes around the world.

The Columban Mission magazine and the occasional talk by Columban priests keep us alert to the work of the Columbans around the world.  We appreciate even more than before their lives of service and what they are doing for others, and our desire to give grows even greater over time.

So now we have both a secure retirement income as well as peace of mind, assured that our gift will help others in the future.

To learn more about the legacy gift opportunities available through the Columban Fathers, visit our Planned Giving home page.