Can soldiers commune with weaponry? In Juarez, yes

Fr. Kevin Mullins
October 11, 2010

At a recent peace convoy, to be on the safe side we thought it expedient to have a chat with the commandante of the local military checkpoint in order to seek his opinion and support, because our route was planned to pass through said checkpoint. He said in a jocular manner and I quote, “It would be a shame to have to open fire on you all”!! Our sentiments entirely!!

He was most gracious and on the day of the Peace Convoy facilitated our passage through his jurisdiction (which by the way is also the place where we celebrate our Tuesday evening Peace Mass).

Some of the soldiers have requested our prayers because they are missing their families in southern Mexico and we even have a couple of soldiers who are desirous of receiving Holy Communion, but feel uncomfortable due to the fact that have to always carry their weaponry with them.

Of course, we reassured them that with or without their automatic weapons, they would be most welcome to receive Communion and participate in the Mass with the large numbers of folks who turn out for that public Eucharist.