Justyna: Protest attendance a first, an eye-opener

Justyna Modzelewska
October 13, 2010

I have gone to some protests before. I also went to some marches. Still, I have never been to one as exciting as the one I recently attended. A couple days before the event I was debating whether to go to the IMF meetings; instead I went to the IMF protest. What seemed like it should have been a calm gathering turned into a loud mass of people who knew what they wanted.

Change Not Chains at the White House

We protested against IMF’s system that encloses developing countries in a circle of debt, in which they can never pay back the money they owe, and consequently never actually develop.

Instead of that vicious circle, as Christians we believe in foreign aid that is not tied to self-interest; not loans that make rich even richer and the poor even poorer. The theme of the march was the idea of breaking the chains of debt, so that the developing countries can finally free themselves and embark on the road to a better future.

The protesters all carried a paper chain with hand written messages to President Obama. First we circled the IMF building and the World Bank, finally making our way to the White House. This Jubilee USA sponsored-march was widely heard on the streets of Washington D.C., with people stopping by and asking us questions. And by “us” I mean all kinds of people—those in ripped jeans, and those in high heels. We were a good representation of America and what Americans think. The chain that we were carrying was full of the voices of those who weren’t able to vocalize them today with us.

Michelle, Justyna & Rosa at the protest at the White House

We were a voice that is mute while alone, and like trumpet of Jericho while together.