2010 Faith & Politics Reflection Guide Intro

| October 18, 2010 Print

In today’s divided world, this call to active participation in the restoration of right relationships with our global sisters and brothers is more urgent than ever before.
Globalization has created an international community connected in an unprecedented way. Unfortunately, this new order has left millions of people poorer and more marginalized than ever before.

The reality that Columban missionaries see and experience on a daily basis is the antithesis of Christ’s vision of God’s kingdom in which there is peace and harmony among all peoples and with Creation. The abuses of migrant workers in Taiwan, the forced implementation of chemical farming in the Philippines, the death at the U.S.-Mexico border are just a few examples of the kinds of injustices Columban missionaries encounter.

We must ask ourselves why the disparity between rich and poor is growing ever wider and deeper. We must ask ourselves why the environment is suffering ever greater abuse and misuse. We must ask ourselves what role our government, our society, and our personal choices play in either contributing to or hindering the full realization of peace and justice for all.

With these questions in mind, the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach has developed the following resource which we hope will help facilitate personal and community dialogue and discussion about some of the most pressing social, economic, and political issues of our times.

Amy Woolam Echeverria
CCAO Director