Prayer for the Liberation of the City

October 26, 2010

Each week there is a Mass held outside the city limits of Juarez in Anapra, Mexico on Tuesday evenings for those suffering from the daily violent crimes. We have the prayer used in the Mass so that we can share in faith and solidarity along with the citizens of Juarez. Tonight will be the last Mass held in that location. Now that it is getting darker earlier, it will be held closer to the parish for safety reasons.

In the name of Jesus Chris, we ask of you Father,
To free our city of all evil
Of all sin that has been committed
Including all that came before us here
In the name of Jesus Christ
Who with his death and resurrection,
Defeated the kingdom of darkness
For everyone and everything to turn away from evil
For our families, neighbors, and friends
Companions of work and school
Biological brothers and spiritual brothers
In the name of Jesus Christ
That any agent of evil is bound
To not disturb the life of our city
Of our work on earth
Of our spiritual work
Of our businesses and studies
Of our health and finances
And of all in our lives now, and forever,
In the name of Jesus Christ,
That all evil spirits that disturb our city
Remain bound with unbreakable chains and be cast to the feet
Of our Lord, Jesus Christ
So that He sends them where they should be
That the power of the Blood of our precious Jesus Christ
Cover our city and our homes
In all her streets and alleys.
That a legion of angels guard those of the city
Who died without love, those who were murdered, or committed suicide
Or died of anxiety, fear, or whichever form of evil hindrance,
Forgive them, liberate them
So that they can contemplate Your image in Heaven.
And Your Holy Spirit
Inundate our homes, our workplaces
Our streets, squares and parks, bringing the conversion towards God, and peace
And the happiness of living as children of God