St. Bernadette’s Children’s Center (Lima, Peru)

November 12, 2010

The district of San Martin de Porres is one of the poorest areas in Lima, Peru. Many people continue to arrive from other parts of the country seeking a fresh start with new opportunities and new hope.

As the parents have to work all day, or in some families the mother has to assume all the responsibility because of the absence of the father, the children are left alone. From a very young age they assume responsibilities at home, and spend many hours alone, or with friends in the streets, without the conditions or security for their development.

The Center benefits directly several thousand children with on average 700/800 in daily attendance. We attempt in a wholistic way, to enable the majority to find in the Center what is necessary for their personal and educational formation, and therefore, to feel that they have an important role to play in society, and in overcoming the poverty.

The children will always have the freedom of the Center to choose to do what interests them, with the only request being made of them, to respect the freedom of others.

A gift of $70 provides a child one month’s worth of education and activity time in our Children’s Center.

We don’t charge the children anything, nor receive support from the government, as all our costs are met by donations.

Please consider making a donation to the mission work of the Columban Fathers.

The items listed in our Gifts to Give section are reflections of how past donations have been put to good use. Occasionaly, we receive more donations for a project than can be reasonably applied to that project. When that happens, your gift will be used to support the work of the Columban Fathers where the need is greatest.