Help a student improve educational opportunities (Anapra, Mexico)

November 12, 2010

This program includes giving school supplies to the youth and children who need them all year round. The library is open four days a week so the children can do their homework, get tutoring, and to get supplies.

Children in Anapra

About the scholarship program:

* For children starting kindergarten, we help to pay for the registration, uniform, shoes and the supplies needed. About $50 a month

* Similarly for the youth in elementary: registration, uniforms, shoes, backpack, supplies. Middle grades is the same. About $75 a month

* But for young high school students we cover registration, uniforms, shoes, equipment, and each month they pay tuition fees. About $100 a month

* For youth attending university we pay tuition each semester, and help them to buy the books they need. About $150 a month

From Cristina, who runs the library: “The most important thing is that thanks to all our donors we can help many children, so please tell those people who donate that with $50, we can buy many things. The great advantage we have here is the dollar can buy more here, and even more when I buy wholesale.”

The supplies needed are similar to what is used in the United States: notebooks, pens and pencils, calculators, backpacks, and more.

The funds only go for the materials that the youth need. This includes helping university students purchase books that are not available in the schools.

Click here to read about broken families can lead to the need for help.

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