St. Bernadette’s Children’s Home (Lima, Peru)

November 17, 2010

From time to time we at the St. Bernadette’s Children’s Home in Lima, Peru, come across a young boy or girl who is very obviously alone and sad, who keep to themselves and look as if they are carrying the worries of the world on their little shoulders. And to all intents and purposes they are.

It is in this way that we have detected many cases of children being mistreated, at school and at home, and with nobody to talk to about their problems they feel all the more isolated and hopeless.

Through our psychology department we are able to help them open up and share the difficulties that they’re experiencing.

Motivated by this plight, St. Bernadette’s Children’s Home was created, where temporary residential care is offered, and an opportunity to heal their wounds through psychological intervention and lots of affection.

A gift of $150 allows a child to live in the security and stability of our Children’s Home for one month. Meanwhile, their family and the child can undergo individual and family counseling.

We don’t charge the children anything, nor receive support from the government, as all our costs are met by donations.

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