Help a man improve his wages to better support his family (Philippines)

November 17, 2010

$500 buys one pedicab for a driver. A driver typically rents a pedicab for more than 50% of his income. Your gift allows the Pedi-cab project to give the person a low-interest loan to buy the pedi-cab at a much lower price than the rental, thus increasing the driver’s take-home wage.

This helps the entire community as the family can buy more food, health care, and educational supplies for their children. Those small businesses then earn more money for their owners. And the cycle of good starts with a simple gift for you.

A gift of $500 provides for one pedi-cab to be loaned out. Make one donation, or contribute what is affordable for you, or break up the $500 gift into monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

The items listed in our Gifts to Give section are reflections of how past donations have been put to good use. Occasionally, we receive more donations for a project than can be reasonably applied to that project. When that happens, your gift will be used to support the work of the Columban Fathers where the need is greatest.