God waited until I was ready

Alex McGauley
November 30, 2010

I had felt a call to the priesthood as early as my elementary days. In fifth grade I remember celebrating a “mock Mass” with a little booklet in front of my family. By the time junior high came around I told my mom that I was going to be a priest.

Alex McGauley

Alex was a CVUSA Volunteer in St. Columbans, Nebraska. Read more about our Columban Volunteers opportunity.

However, in high school the calling quieted. While I had a strong faith I felt that my calling to the priesthood was a part of my now distant childhood. I applied to colleges and attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in the fall of 2006, wondering where I’d end up after four years. Seminary didn’t even enter the picture.

At Miami, with the help of a great campus ministry, two wonderful priests at the parish in Oxford, and probably lots of prayers from my home diocese, I felt a renewed calling from God. I explored it a little but put serious discernment in the back of my mind. At the beginning of my junior year I was faced with a tough decision.

For a long time I had been unsatisfied with my status as a student in the school of business. A career in business did not seem to be the calling that God had in plan for me nor what I wanted to do. After talking with close friends, prayer, reading plenty of books and talking with priests, I decided that I should prepare for seminary after college.

When I made the decision to attend seminary and not just think about it, I felt a great sense of peace descend upon me. All my life God had called me to the priesthood but had waited until I was ready. This fall I arrived at St. Meinrad Seminary in St. Meinrad, Indiana, to study for the Diocese of Lafayette-In-Indiana.