Crossing the border part of new routine

Ariel Presbitero
November 29, 2010

Crossing the border is also another experience for Sainiana, a Columban lay missionary-in-training. Since we arrived here, we have already crossed the bridge twice. Sainiana had no difficulty passing through the immigration checkpoint. I was almost stopped again because I was carrying a Philippine passport.

However, they let me go because I was carrying a green card. Anyway, this experience can be part of Sainiana’s in and out passage to the border. She felt a little bit tense crossing the bridge but once she goes through that a couple of times, it will become part of her life and routine.

I’m so thankful to our Columban confreres, Frs. Bill Morton, Denny O’Mara, Mullins and Donnelly, for making us feel so at home at the border. The people with whom we pastor and accompany are incredibly amazing as well, with their abrazos and smiles, making both of us so welcome.