500 people show up for border fence Mass

Ariel Presbitero
December 1, 2010

We crossed the bridge for the third time on Tuesday (11/2) for the annual border fence Mass with our generous guide Fr. O’Mara. Attended by more than 300 people at the Mexican side, the event was led by Fr. Kevin Mullins organizing the logistics of the celebration. The priests, religious and lay people mostly from our Columban parish of Rancho Anapra were welcomed with so much enthusiasm and support.

On the U.S. side, about 200 people came with the two bishops from New Mexico and El Paso Dioceses leading the celebration with their Mexican counterpart, the Vicar General who came on behalf of the bishop of Ciudad Juarez Diocese. In this celebration we remembered so many things: those who have died crossing the border, those who were victims of violence, peace in the city of Juarez in order to end all the killings, justice for Lomas del Poleo, and clamoring for a just and humane immigration reform in the United States.

All of these issues were presented and remembered while Border Patrol agents and Federal Police at the Mexican side were attentively watching on both sides of the fence. It ended peacefully with a feeling of support from the Church and interest groups but it is still uncertain what lies ahead.