Missionary, parish community will both benefit

Ariel Presbitero
December 4, 2010

Sainiana was so grateful to experience Rancho Anapra first-hand and felt supported by the Columban Border Ministry Team and the local people. Seeing the LM house is also important because it gives her an idea what to expect once she returns from her language study in Cuernavaca. But what interests her most is to learn what type of ministry she will be doing.

Whether it’s working with children, the youth, mothers, sacramental preparation, it is definitely for the benefit of the parish community and for her own personal growth. This can be nourished by building better relationships through mutual trust and support. I hope this will also be true for Sainiana’s team partner, Monika Lewatikana who is awaiting her visa approval to come into the country.

This is really an exciting moment having our LMs present at the border. I’m so grateful for their courage and generosity to accept the invitation to be in the most needed community in Mexico.

We continue praying for Sainiana as she looks forward to learning Spanish to better connect and communicate with the people. We also pray for Monika that her visa will come soon and she will be reunited with Sainiana.