Caroling Columbans

December 1, 2010

“Angels we have heard on high…” It’s Christmas time again and the Columban Minstrels who are the members of Dancing for the World group started the caroling the weekend after Thanksgiving. Wearing the colorful red shirts with the Santa hats each one joyfully filled the air singing Christmas carols to families and friends of the Columbans.

Doing this for a couple of years now, everyone felt delighted to come together again singing the classic Christmas carols both in English and Tagalog. We are welcomed by families who are supporting the Columban Mission throughout the years and also visiting new ones that never heard of the Columbans.

We thank the members of the Columban Minstrels for giving their time and best effort to join the group this year and hoping that we will reach out to as many homes as possible to wish them the best and happiest Christmas for this season.