What are the requirements?

December 17, 2010

Below is what we ask of our Lay Missionaries …

a) Committed Catholics, single or married, with a missionary vocation.  Dependent children,[not more than two], of the applicants should be of pre-school age.

b) Age 23 – 40 (flexible for special skills or situations).

c) Good health, verified by a medical examination.

d) Indications of maturity, e.g. stability, academic achievement, job satisfaction.

e) Present involvement in ministry or some experience in volunteer service to others.

f) Ability to learn a foreign language.

g) Special skills (when required).

h) Flexibility, i.e. an ability to work in a team and a community and in another culture.

i) Willingness to appropriate stated Columban priorities.

j) Willingness to accept the Church with its strengths and weaknesses.

k) No outstanding financial commitments that cannot be met.

l) Willingness to acquire facility in English.

m) Willing to serve for 3 years or more terms