How does the admission process work?

December 17, 2010

We always respect the mutuality of discernment in making decisions.  There are different stages in the process that needs decisions.

Assessment and evaluations are used to help the program staff and team for the acceptance of Lay Missionary candidate.

1.      Inquiry / Preliminary Application Form

2.      Participation to the “Come and See” Weekend / Personal Interview

3.      Submission of formal letter of application with recommendation letters (at least 2)

4.      Psychological Test

5.      Medical Exam

6.      Approval by the Screening & Admission Board

7.      Participation in an Orientation Program for 6 months (to consult CLT if 6 months can be possible)

8.      Sending or Commissioning of the Lay Missionary in his/her respective parish community

Note:  Before or during the Orientation Program, the candidate will be notified of his/her country of assignment.  The official appointment comes from the Society Superior General and his Council.