What is involved in orientation?

December 17, 2010

Stage One:

Columban Lay Mission collaborates with the Lay Mission Helpers for the Orientation Program.  This program is one of the best in the country in preparing candidates for overseas mission.  CLM candidate will join other Lay Mission Helper candidates in 4 months preparation of intensive reflection, classes, community living and personal growth.

The four-month Formation Program, held in Los Angeles from January to May each year, takes place in a setting of community living, participative learning, and prayer. It is designed to prepare the candidates for life in an overseas mission setting.

The formation program consists of three main areas:

Spiritual Development: scripture, mission theology, spirituality, world religions, Catholic social teaching, moral theology, retreats.

Cross Cultural Issues: Education & Healthcare in developing countries, Power & Diversity, realities of cross cultural living, intercultural development.

Adult Development: Communication, personality inventories, community living, staying healthy (emotionally & physically), transitions.

Stage Two:

After finishing the 4 months orientation program with the Lay Mission Helpers, CLM candidate will do exposure trip.  Candidates will stay in a Columban community for few months to learn more about the Columbans.  They can help in programs or projects that Columbans have or groups that Columbans collaborate.

It is an opportunity to witness firsthand the reality where Columbans live and work, meet the local people and engage themselves in their daily activities and life.  During this time, there will be an opportunity to look into the CLM Policy Handbook, study on the receiving country, prepare the sending mass and logistics for departure.