The Point of No Return

Fr. Shay Cullen
December 28, 2010

It’s vitally urgent for humanity that progress be made in reducing world levels of carbon dioxide, methane emissions, and deforestation. The greenhouse gasses emitted rise into the earth’s stratosphere and form an insulation blanket that traps the earth’s heat leading to an overheated planet causing the climate to be affected, violently at times.

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This year alone, millions of people have suffered the consequence of the highest temperatures on record in many countries. Forest fires raged beyond control in Russia, Greece and Portugal. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of woodland have been destroyed, 18,000 hectares in Portugal alone. Such a loss of green shade adds to the rise in global warming.

In China, Pakistan, and India, devastating floods resulted; millions are still homeless. Perhaps the unusual heavy melting of ice on the Himalayas was one cause, and super powerful typhoons caused by the warmer oceans evaporating the sea and raining down a billion tons more water another. Everything in this amazing and beautiful planet is connected and interacts. Living creatures are the most affected, that means you and me and every plant and animal.

We can all do something to make it a better and safer world. We can save electricity, drive fewer miles, buy locally grown foods, eat organic natural food, start a small tree planting project on wasteland and support a group campaigning for a clean and healthy environment. Preda/Forest Feast fair-trade sales of dried mangos pay for the planting and protection of 200 fruit tree saplings cared for by indigenous people for the past 6 years. Eating the right food serves justice, plants trees, saves the soil, provides shade, cools the earth, conserves water, and prevents landslides. Everything is connected on this God-given planet; let’s save it.

Fr. Shay Cullen works at the Preda Center, Upper Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Philippines. For information, visit