God’s cosmic scream

Fr. Denny O'Mara
December 1, 2010

God’s cosmic scream reverberates.
The universe is felt to shake.
It shudders at God’s groans and moans,
at anguish of our suffering God.

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Do most of us even suspect:
“So closely does God share our lives,
our human pain is God’s pain too”?

God, open up our minds and hearts
to know, to feel, Your love for us,
Your love for those we do not love;

Your love for those we hurt, hate, kill;
for those we see are suffering
but silently ignore their plight,
allowing them be crucified.

Your scream, your grief, continue, God,
because we speak, act violently
towards those You love. When will we stop
ungodly acts towards them, O God-
our inhumanity towards You?