Subanen Crafts

January 11, 2011

The Creation Mandala is composed of finely crafted circular images that celebrate important “Births” in the story of Creation.

These “Births” are: The Birth of the Universe, The Birth of the Galaxies, The Birth of the Solar System, The Birth of the Earth, The Birth of Life, The Birth of the Earth Community, The Birth of Humans, The Birth of the Ecological Age, and The Birth of Your Story.

Each Mandala and Mobile features glass and crystal beads that glow brightly in the sunlight, and comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet that explains each image.

Mandala (Large)

Mandala (Large)The large creation Mandala is 17 inches in diameter. Requested Donation: $60

Mandala (Medium)

Mandala (Medium)The medium creation Mandala is 10 inches in diameter. Requested Donation: $40

Mandala (Small)

Mandala (Small) - Subanen CraftsThe small creation Mandala is 6 inches in diameter. Requested Donation: $20

Mandala Mobile

Mandala MobileUsing the beaded images of the Medium Creation Mandala, the Subanen artisans craft this Creation Mobile. Requested Donation: $40

The Creation Mandala Book

The Creation Mandala BookThis beautifully illustrated book explains each of the beaded images that appear in the Creation Mandala. The book is free with the purchase of any Creation Mandala or Creation Mobile. It can also be purchased separately. Requested Donation: $3.00