A lay missionary’s first impression of Juarez

Monika Lewatikana, Lay Missionary
January 21, 2011

The impression that I got about El Paso was really lovely. The physical site of the land is dry and brown with limited vegetation, which doesn’t mean that the people, too, are like that.

Monika Lewatikana

Even though I have heard some troubling news about the border, people are nicer. I don’t have to put people in the same box as those who have been doing bad things. I hope to make a pastoral and social contribution among the people here, something which will be helpful for them as well as for me.

As I go around I meet a few parishioners, but what attracts me is the environment, which is something like the northern side of Chile (Iquique). The border, which has been the cause of lots and lots of problems between the two states, the northern Mexicans and the southern Americans, is very near. It is the border line of different mentalities because we human made the border, not God.

I was reflecting to myself this question: “Why can’t we see the positive side of the whole of creation?”

As God has created man in our own uniqueness, so too, God created the environment to be unique. Each person has his or her own uniqueness and beauty. And as for the environment, whether it is tropical, desert or even a snowy place, we should see the beauty that is in it as a positive to whatever we face and experience.

El Paso is a place to do mission.