What to give

Cash – Making a gift of cash is as simple as writing a check or authorizing a charge on your credit card.

Kids at a school in Myanmar (Burma)

Certificate of Deposits, Bank Accounts or Annuities – Simply add the Columban Fathers as a payable on death beneficiary on your annuity, certificate of deposit or bank account.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds – These types of assets that have increased in value are some of the most popular ways to give (once they have been held for more than one year) due to the significant tax benefits to you.  By donating these appreciated securities to the Columban Fathers, you will often be able to avoid or reduce the capital gains tax you would have to pay if you sold them yourself.

401K & IRAs – Since your 401K and IRA accounts hold income that has yet to be taxed, your beneficiaries (other than your spouse) may owe income tax and estate tax on these funds.  As a nonprofit organization, we are tax-exempt. Therefore all of the money you accumulated in these accounts would be available to help us continue to spread the Gospel through our mission work.

IRA Rollover –If you are 70-1/2 or older, you may distribute up to $100,000 of your IRA distribution to our mission work without it being counted as taxable income to you.  This distribution will still count toward your required minimum distribution amount.

Life Insurance  – A good way for you and your family to continue your commitment to mission work is to include the Columban Fathers as one of the beneficiaries on your life insurance policy.

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