Something bigger than myself

Lucy Consler | March 4, 2011 Print

Lucy Consler, Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C.  Our nation’s capital. After living here as a student for three and a half years, I can’t believe all the opportunities I hadn’t experienced until I started interning at CCAO.  This city has so much to offer and so many opportunities to make a difference in advocating for social justice issues.

After only a month with CCAO, I’ve already been able to delve right in.  Attending a Center for American Progress event, a Senate hearing, and hand delivering a petition to the Mexican Embassy…these are opportunities that you just do not have anywhere else.

I will never forget at the CAP event overhearing someone say, “The press is here.”  I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Is this real life?”  It reminded me that I’m a part of something important and something bigger than myself.

Lucy and Chloe in front of the Mexican Embassy.

I have also been doing some English-Spanish translation for the office. Last week, I translated a petition asking the President of Mexico to interfere in a violent land dispute.  Two other interns and I then delivered the letter to the Mexican Embassy.  It is so humbling to assist in bridging communication gaps, reaching out to our brothers and sisters in Spanish-speaking Columban mission countries and beyond.

I feel so blessed to be working for CCAO.  It is great to feel like I’m really making an impact on important issues.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store next for me and the whole CCAO office.