Full of Grace

March 18, 2011

Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, is celebrated nine months before the birth of Jesus. It is sometimes call Lady Day, one of the four quarter days for legal purposes. Mary is called to make sacrifices for her son, part of the constant fast mothers make in caring for their children.

Full of Grace

catholic social teaching, easter reflection, catholic mission, lent reflection, prayer, catholic vocationMary accepted your will,
even though it would mean
disruption, disapproval in others’ eyes,
a radical change in her life.
And a sword that would pierce her soul.

Lord, how willing am I to accept your will
if it means radical upheaval?
Am I willing to change even a little?
Am I set in my ways, in my habits, am I afraid to change?
Am I too weak to overcome
even one little fault in my life?

Mary was full of grace.
Lord, this Lent please give me
even a little of the grace
that will enable me to grow
in accepting and doing your will. Amen.

Source: From Fasting to Feasting, a prayer booklet by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC