Lord, We Rejoice In You

April 1, 2011

On Laetare, Rejoice Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent, we rejoice, for the Lord forgives. Rose colored vestments may be worn instead of purple. The Lenten Rose, hellebores orientalis, a member of the buttercup family, is among the first flowers of the year, a time to rejoice in nature’s blessings.

Lord, We Rejoice In You

catholic social teaching, easter reflection, catholic mission, lent reflection, prayer, catholic vocationWhen we have done something
to upset others, to offend or hurt them,
often unwittingly perhaps,
When they accept our apologies
it is such a satisfaction,
something to give us peace
and to make the day better.

And how much more the joy we have,
Lord, when we receive your forgiveness.

What an uplifting of the heart there is!
What a weight off our spirits!

Lord, this Lent we rejoice
because you reveal to us
through your great Passion and Death
the wonder of your forgiveness
and the depths of your love. Amen.

Source: From Fasting to Feasting, a prayer booklet by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC