Sharing with Others

April 21, 2011

Holy, or Maundy Thursday, from the Latin ‘mandatum’ refers to the new commandment given by the Lord at the Last Supper to love one another. Maundy money was given each year by the monarchs to elderly who took part in the washing of the feet. The Commemoration of the Last Supper ends the Lenten Fast.

Sharing with Others

catholic social teaching, easter reflection, catholic mission, lent reflection, prayer, catholic vocationLord, when I see the famine-stricken,
when I hear the desperate cries of the poor,
I can feel deeply ashamed
at the little I do to help, to share.

For you have asked us to love one another.

Lord, please forgive my selfish ways!
Help me to think of others thi Lent,
to open my heart to the poor and needy.
Your new commandment is for us all,
to love one another, to be caring,
to be thoughtful, to be considerate.
To be generous to the poor is our wealth!
For the fasts of the rich
are the feasts of the poor,
and by doing so we open the gateway
to your love in our hearts!

Source: From Fasting to Feasting, a prayer booklet by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC