You Make All Things New

April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs represent the rising of Jesus from the dead. The breaking of eggs, whether real or chocolate ones, is a reminder of how Jesus came forth from the tomb. The custom of rolling hardboiled eggs down a hill on Easter Sunday is a reminder of the stone at the tomb being rolled away.

You Make All Things New

catholic social teaching, easter reflection, catholic mission, lent reflection, prayer, catholic vocationHow often we can wish,
when we make mistakes in life
and live uneasily with our regrets
how often we long to undo what’s done.

Is it too much to believe, too much to ask,
that when we’ve made a mess of things
You, Lord, can somehow put them right,
things we can no longer change?

Yes it’s true, if only we can believe!
Like new life springing from the egg,
you make all things new!
With you we rise again, make a new start,
for you wish to heal our wounded souls.
Lord, help me to begin again! Amen.

Source: From Fasting to Feasting, a prayer booklet by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC