How Vast Your Love For Us

April 21, 2011

Good Friday, good because it is the day that Jesus died for us upon the Cross. It is a day of fasting, and abstinence from meat, a day when each church is stripped of all ornaments, when no bells are rung, no Eucharist is celebrated, but a day on which prayers are offered for all mankind.

How Vast Your Love For Us

catholic social teaching, easter reflection, catholic mission, lent reflection, prayer, catholic vocationHow vast is your love for us all!
How precious each one of us is to you,
and how willing, how willing you were,
to pay the price for our Redemption!

How deep is your love for us all!
You loved us all while you were hated.
You forgave us all while being crucified.
You offered the world life,
while you were losing your very life.

How wonderful is your love for us all!
For you said that when you were lifted up
you would draw us all to yourself,
of all colors, creeds, and cultures
embracing us all in your forgiveness.

Lord, may I draw near to you this Lent.
May I know your love always. Amen.

Source: From Fasting to Feasting, a prayer booklet by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC