Last Words from the Cross #5

April 1, 2011

I Thirst

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I Thirst

You have lost so much blood from the holes made by the nails in your flesh that now your thirst becomes intense.  You are so dry your tongue sticks to your palate. We think of the many millions who suffer in our world today longing for water and for food, for in your torment on the Cross you take to yourself the suffering of all humanity.

Lord, you thirsted so we could drink
From  your spring of living water.
You cried out to the world
That all who thirst for eternal life
Would come to you and drink of your Spirit!

Lord, as I think of the nail piercing your feet
And your intense thirst from loss of blood,
I come in sorrow for countless selfish acts,
I come repentant for my indulgent ways,
While many others go thirsty and hungry.

Lord Jesus Christ, Fount of Living Water,
You who love, forgive and bless,
Help me in my selfishness!

From Last Words from the Cross by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC