After Word

April 23, 2011

Why are your weeping?

The last words of Jesus on the Cross were not his final words. After the Resurrection there were many more. Mary Magdalene’s tears of sorrow turned to joy when she knew the Lord was risen and was near. We too rejoice, for the Lord is close to each one of us. He is with us always, to the end of time.

Why are your weeping?

Lord, be near to me always,
That I may rejoice in your presence
So that the sufferings of this life,
However hand they may seem,
May never come between us,
Never hide from us the wonder
Of knowing you,
The ever-living and true God,
And the utter height and depth
Of your abiding love for us all.
By your Cross and Resurrection
You have set us free
To win for us eternity!

From Last Words from the Cross by Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC