2 Jesus Takes Up His Cross

April 21, 2011

We Walk with the Lord
on the Way of the Cross

We praise you, O Christ,
and we bless you
Because by your Cross
You have redeemed the world.

Lord, you willingly take up your cross
for our good and that of all the world.
Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

No you are at the mercy of the soldiers.
They strip you and then scourge you.
They twist thorns together into a crown
And place it on your head;
They clothe you in a purple cloak,
And put a reed in your right hand
While kneeling before you in mockery.
They taunt and make fun of you,
Spit on your and strike your head.
Then they dress you in your own clothes
And lead you out to crucify you.
You go like a lamb led to slaughter.

Lord, with a willing and generous heart
You take up your cross.
You shoulder the burden of our faults,
To heal and redeem our world.

I have been so slow to take up my cross,
To turn from sin and follow you.
Now as I think of you bearing my faults,
I ask forgiveness.
Lord Jesus, be merciful to me, a sinner!

By Patrick Sayles, SSC, The Prayer Trust