Update from Japan following disasters

Fr. Leo Schumacher
March 14, 2011

We received an update over the weekend from a Columban living in Japan. We have been told that all Columbans are accounted for. Help those in Japan through the Columbans by making a donation.

Everything is OK here in Tokyo. I was at the center house when the earthquake struck. The Procure must be one of the safest places to be in an earthquake; the walls are so thick. The only damage was the tabernacle light fell over. The quake felt very strong and went on for ages, so I kind of knew it must be far away. Plenty of aftershocks.

I was planning to go home by train. Instead caught the bus, which took two hours to get to Shibuya and then I walked home from there. All the train lines were stopped, and so millions of people walked home. There were so many people that they took over the inside lane on the major roads. The phones were overloaded so couldn’t contact anyone. Still can’t contact friends in Sendai.

I saw the devastation on TV. Terrible. Meguro church has had a little damage, nothing serious. One of the stone lanterns in the courtyard garden fell over, but I was planning to do that anyway. It had become dangerous and wanted it knocked down.

Thank you for your prayers and concern,
Fr. Leo Schumacher