Retreat of Reflection

Emily Laursen | April 12, 2011 Print

This past weekend the CCAO held its Lenten Retreat.  It was a quiet day full of reflection upon our faith.  We were fortunate enough to have Father Bob Clark join us and lead the discussion.  He reminded us of God’s patience and love for all of our neighbors, something we tend to forget.  It was a wonderful day to take a good look inward to reflect on ourselves and our faith.

Emily Laursen, Advocacy & Outreach Intern

I have less than a month left at the CCAO but there are plenty of events going on to make this last month memorable.  This upcoming week I am meeting with one of the Congressional staffers.  I am going to meet to discuss the closing of the U.S. Department of Defense facility, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation WHINSEC (formerly the School of the Americas), a military training school which has been questioned about its record on human rights abuses.  It is going to be my first experience on Capitol Hill.  I am excited to share with the staffer our message of peace and hopefully make an impact.  Aside from meeting with staffers, I am also attending the anti-militarization conference being held by the SOA Watch.  It is a weekend long event which will nonviolently work towards legislation that will close of the School of the Americas.

The past few months interning at the CCAO has without a doubt opened my eyes to the fact that each and every one of us can make a difference.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to experience the wonderful work done at the CCAO, and for a short time, to help in the name of the Columbans.  Through my time at the CCAO I have been able to use my faith to represent the underprivileged and vulnerable; that is not something I will easily forget.  Thank you CCAO!