Learnings From First Mission Place …

Monica Lewatikana
May 4, 2011

First I have to acknowledge what I have learnt from my first mission place which is Chile. I found lots of support from the ordained Columbans, associate priests, Columban lay missionaries and the people of Chile. These are the different people who have accompanied me to be who I am today as a strong missionary once in Chile and now   in the new mission place which is Rancho Anapra. They taught me to have courage, trust myself and to be strong.

Here at Juarez, the most effective and immediate character that I have to share as a missionary is to be patient, courageous and strong. Challenging ministries means that the missionaries have to be strong, and it takes courage too. This mission field needs lots of patience, love and respect. I need to encourage them, that even in difficult moments or difficulties that we face everyday, we always have to trust ourselves and encourage and support one another.

I feel, that most people will think that it is easy to say, but I feel that once you are feeling the same way as the people and facing the same struggles, you will be encouraged to do something for them……if not by action but in spirit through prayers. It is all that a spirit of a human being needs, when the flesh has no more strength.

Compassion, Love and Prayers.