Graduation Day

Cristina Estrada
June 14, 2011

First Graduation Ceremony

Hello, Father Robert, Good morning.

I hope you are in very good health.  I want to share something very special today with you and Padre Memo [Father Bill Morton] and with all the people who are kind enough to follow the progress of our young people so closely.

On the second of June of this year, at the first graduation ceremony of this academic cycle, four of our young people graduated from preparatory school.  These four persons have different personal histories, but I’m going to speak to you of Arturo Martínez Hernández.

He is a young man who, like all the others, is struggling to achieve his dreams, but his dream is to be a priest.  Arturo is studying in the seminary of Juárez, México, with a scholarship from us.  He is putting a lot of energy into getting to this goal, but he needs our help in order to continue on in the university.  I’ll leave his case at that, trusting in your response.

And now, to tell you about the most special event of the year for us so far:  Thursday, June 9th, was the graduation of our very first scholarship recipient from the university!


This was such a special day for us, since we managed to do something that we thought was impossible: to witness the completion of Martha Fabiola Juárez López’s university studies.  She finished her licentiate degree in nursing, the first of our 10 young people who are recipients of university scholarships.  It may not seem like a great thing to many people, but for her and her family it is a huge achievement.  And I have to tell you, I feel very proud of her, and happy with my own work on her behalf.

I give thanks to God for everything, and I truly thank all the people who have made this project possible, the dreams of these, my dear children and young people.  I’ll post some pictures of Arturo and Fabiola here, but I also want to mention that more secondary and primary graduations are forthcoming.