We are Here for the Neediest People

July 14, 2011
Roberto Lara

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During my time at the CCAO in Washington DC, I realized that there are many young people working for justice and peace in our society, and in the world. People dedicated to their mission.
Faith calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves, and from this call, this office, where I am working this summer, has its reason for being. Working to change structures and arrange them for a more fraternal world, also working to preserve Creation, that’s what we call working for the Kingdom of Christ, caring for others, caring for creation, Loving.
Talking with some friends who are also interns this summer; we talked about how God gives to each one of us a specific mission, and how from this love for Him He invites us to work for others, for the neediest. But every action comes from God; He is the one who does the Job. We just need to be open to to His work.
My time here has been really rewarding. From being outside of my country, getting to know more youth who also have this desire for a fairer world, working with them and living with them has been totally worthwhile. You learn to discover some other points of view, lifestyles; I have to admit we are a good team! And even though we are all different in our ways, we have something in common; Peace and Justice. This has personally enhanced me.
It has been a spiritual rewarding experience, too. The activities we have had at the office, including a retreat at the end of June, helped me to see how we all live our faith in different ways but yet so similar. Different because we each have our own personality, but similar for because our spiritual life in God begins and ends in Him.
I’m really grateful to be living this experience, at this period of my life…