El Paso, Anapra and Lomas del Poleo

By Ryan Murphy with Fr. Morton and Fr. O’Mara
August 8, 2011

Fr. Bill Morton

Fr. Bill Morton

Ryan Murphy, Columban Volunteer

El Paso, TX

In El Paso, Fr. Bill Morton and Fr. Denny O’Mara maintain their commitment to the residents of Lomas del Poleo. Every week, Fr. Denny crosses the border to give spiritual guidance and to say Mass for the people of Lomas. His ministry gives the fortitude and resolve the residents of Lomas need to persevere. In the US, Fr. Bill has raised $700.00 to support the nine remaining families with the cost of food and water. He is also coordinating with some advocates in Mexico, to finance a bus that will take the residents of Lomas to Chihuahua, where they can demand intervention from the Governor.  The land dispute in Lomas del Poleo is far from over, but many victories can be attributed to Columban dedication to the people. The remaining families in Lomas and the Columbans in El Paso/Anapra need your prayers, as they continue to seek a peaceful solution.