Reflection on the Mystery of God’s Presence

By: Sainiana Tamatawale
August 18, 2011

After the 3 months of language studies in Cuernavaca I returned to my place of assignment, Corpus Christi Parish, Rancho Anapra, Juarez City, Mexico. Juarez belongs to state of Chihuahua. I arrived in Anapra on the 28th of February 2011. I was excited & glad to be back to meet with the people & priests here. The first impression of excitement and also the weather (climate change.) I felt a bit comfortable at this time because I have some Spanish to communicate with the people. I was prepared at some point to talk with the people but when they speak very fast I don’t understand. This was not the first time to experience this & learning new language so I know how to deal with it.

The New Mission place is really different from my previous mission place. The place, climate, situation, language & culture also the reality of life. Being journey along with the people last 3 months was really listening & learning to me. It was a journey of building relationship, getting to know the people, place, language & culture, parish activities also the ordained and learning two cultures in this region, US & Mexican culture.

In new to the language, culture & weather (hot & dry), dusty when windy I felt here sometimes frustrating but this doesn’t stop me from immersing myself to the people, to love being here as Lay Missionary & be happy when I reflected on the Mystery of God’s Presence. My presence in journey along with them in sharing life, hope & love has helped me to be part of them, the people, language & culture & a parishioner. Working together pastorally & spiritually (joining them with praise & worship & mass for peace praying for peace) in this place which is known in the world very dangerous & violence.)

When crossing the border sometimes I have no patience standing on the long line to cross over to El Paso but it’s the reality because two countries. First months I felt come & going to two countries crossing the border, when I got to use to it crossing once or twice a week I felt it’s just one place and normal only the fence separate o divide them in to two.

My reflection from the scripture, Jeremiah’s Prayer (Jeremiah 10: 23-25)

“ I know, O Lord that the way of human beings is not in their control that mortals as they walk cannot direct their steps”.