Welcome Series Prayer

August 18, 2011
Thank You for Watching Over Me…

Thank you for being at my side
on my journey through life;

For helping me at the moments

when I really needed a helping hand;
For being close to me all the time
even though I seemed to be flying
in all directions;

For looking after me
when I was in danger,
for caring about me
in a way I don’t deserve.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.
By Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC

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A Call to Bring Hope Back to the Children

The boarding houses have fallen into disrepair. Not only do the parish priests lack the funds to repair and maintain the houses, but they also can’t afford to hire qualified teachers to run the schools and provide what the students need. Even the houses known as the “good ones” are in very poor condition, with no decent toilets or washing facilities. The students have just two meals a day, which they must cook themselves.

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