Welcome Series Prayer

August 19, 2011
Whenever I Journey

Send your Spirit to accompany me,

so that whenever I journey,

I journey with your blessing.

Send your Spirit to protect me,

so that however I travel,

I travel with your peace.

Send your Spirit to guide me,

so that wherever I go,

I go with your inspiration.

Send your Spirit to uplift me,

so that whatever I do,

I do for your glory.


By Fr. Patrick Sayles, SSC

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Pedaling Their Way out of Poverty

Pedicab drivers rent their taxis and often pay half of their daily fares in rent. Since many of the drivers are the sole economic support of their families, they work extremely long days in hot and humid conditions to ensure that they earn enough fares to pay the rent on the pedicab and have some income to take home….

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