Exploring Universals

By Brett Garland
August 22, 2011

One thing that hasn’t ceased to amaze me since I’ve arrived in Ireland is the international nature of our group. This realization has manifested itself throughout the week on many different occasions. Riding in a car to an archaeological site with three other people, each of us representing a different continent. Playing hurling (a traditional Irish sport comparable to lacrosse) with two Irishmen, a New Zealander, a Korean, and a Pakistani. Speaking with an Australian missionary in an Irish pub about his work in China. Experiencing the universal impact of music in folk songs from all over the world.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to several different countries in different parts of the world, but this experience has been unique in the way that it has brought so many people from all different countries and walks of life to a single location to discuss and encounter the dual themes of ecology and faith. What could be better topics of conversation for such an international group? As I’ve learned through our many discussions, presentations, and field studies, common foundations of belief and the interconnected web of life are two concepts that have the power to link and engage people from around the world. Faith and ecology are universal languages that we could all learn to better utilize in our world today.