My God, why have we abandoned

Composed by Columban Father Dennis O’Mara
September 29, 2011

My God, why have we abandoned
Both You and Your nonviolent way,
Mistreating by our actions, words,
Your daughters, sons, whom you do love?

Too many wars are started, God,
By people who claim strong faith in You.
They ask Your blessing on their wars
Which they conduct against Your Will.

Please heal the blindness in our minds.
Unfreeze and warm our cold hearts.
We Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews,
Too often we are obstacles
To the peace and justice You demand.

God, help us live nonviolently,
Give up all hatreds, violence, wars,
Give up rationalizing the wrong we do.

Help us to be peace-messengers
—Compassionate, respectful, just—
To those we meet on the path of life.