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We welcome you to Columban mission in a variety of ways, including internships, volunteerism and exposure trips.

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Be transformed by living with and serving people and communities who are most vulnerable to social, economic and environmental injustices. Join us for five days, five months or a lifetime. Please contact Scott Wright for more information about any of our CCAO missions.


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    ASPHAD Volunteer Form in Peru!(Spanish)

    ASPHAD Volunteer Form in Peru!

    Losing our Life-Giving Water

    Climate Change has come to be nearly undisputed. However, many see it as just big storms and strange weather. In the faith community, we understand that these changes have very far-reaching effects. Climate change causes caring for God’s creation to …

    Climate Refugees from Haiyan to Sandy

    “But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals on the ark. And God made a wind blow over the earth and the waters subsided.”- Genesis 8:1 Around the world today, millions of people are being uprooted from their homes …