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We welcome you to Columban mission in a variety of ways, including internships, volunteerism and exposure trips.

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Be transformed by living with and serving people and communities who are most vulnerable to social, economic and environmental injustices. Join us for five days, five months or a lifetime. Please contact Susan Gunn for more information about any of our CCAO missions.


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    Immigration Convocation: Standing with the Refugee and Immigrant in El Paso, TX

    On Saturday evening, October 11, in El Paso, Texas, the Columban Border Ministries co-sponsored an interfaith Immigration Convocation: Standing with the Refugee and Immigrant. More than 300 people gathered outside of Annunciation House, across from the Columban Mission Center, to …

    Awakening the Dreamer

    “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” Ephesians 5:14 At the CCAO, we focus our efforts on care for the poor and care for creation. As we advocate for the issues Columbans value, …

    The Dignity of Work and the Trans Pacific Partnership

    The Catholic Church proclaims human life to be sacred. Today, a threat to life exists in the form of our economy. To clarify how economics is threatening lives, we must first understand how we live. Put simply, we live by …

    Freedom for child soldiers in Burma (Myanmar)

    Columbans are celebrating some good news for children in Burma (Myanmar). On September 25, 109 child soldiers were released by the Myanmar Army in an attempt to reform its military ranks and reputation, as reported by Vatican Radio. Children are …