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We welcome you to Columban mission in a variety of ways, including internships, volunteerism and exposure trips.

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Be transformed by living with and serving people and communities who are most vulnerable to social, economic and environmental injustices. Join us for five days, five months or a lifetime. Please contact Susan Gunn for more information about any of our CCAO missions.


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    Mining Industry: Transparency is the Key to Protecting the Poor and Vulnerable

    “The natural environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of everyone. If we make something our own, it is only to administer it for the good of all. If we do not, we burden …

    Found in Translation: Building Interfaith Bridges through Climate Action

    “In this Encyclical, I would like to enter into dialogue with all people about our common home.” – Pope Francis, in “Laudato Si’, Care for Our Common Home,” paragraph 3. What an invitation! We all have been grappling with how …

    Forgiveness and Reconciliation: The Way of Peace

    August 6 and 9, 2015 mark the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On those two days, more than 150,000 Japanese civilians perished from the face of the earth. Now, seventy years later, we have much …

    Recognizing Human Trafficking in Our Midst

    Human trafficking is a multidimensional and complex reality, usually taking the form of forced labor and forced sex. This crime is happening throughout the world, weaving into communities internationally and domestically, preying on the poor and the marginalized. Women, children, and migrant …