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Election 2012 E-Journey: World Food Week Potluck Dinner Materials

By sitting together in fellowship over a meal made with organic grains and vegetables, we can live out the Gospel by supporting small farmers near and far and preserve the right for seeds to grow as God made them. Gather …

A thriving community of faith (Peru)

The chapel Fr. Don and the people are dreaming of would be made of adobe bricks, and the builders would utilize sand and gravel from the river during the building process.

Building Parish Chapels (Peru)

In early 2010, Fr. Ed began a project to build more chapels and expand their existing programs since the parishes are growing and spreading out over wider and outlying areas. Working together, building their places of worship and outreach, strengthens the community’s bonds and their commitments to the Church and one another.

Ayacucho Mental Health Clinic (Peru)

Columban Sister Anne Carbon provides professional services including pharmacology, individual and group psychotherapy and substance abuse programs to the community and area.The work has grown from visiting a few patients in their homes to serving over 2000 patients with psychiatric evaluations, treatment and rehabilitation. (Peru)

Manuel Duato Special Needs School (Peru)

Largely ignored by Peruvian society, children with different abilities and special needs are educated and given proper healthcare here. The Manuel Duato school was organized by Columbans more than 30 years ago in response to the large numbers of poor Lima families raising children with mental disabilities.

Seed Potato Agronomy Project (Peru)

Neglect nearly devastated the indigenous potato in this area but thanks to advanced horticulture methods, the seed potato is making a successful return. This will help feed hundreds of families as well as the local economy.

Pedaling to Live (Philippines)

Assists local Pedicab taxi operators earn a living wage for their families by helping them finance necessary equipment. Most of the pedicab drivers do not own their own vehicles; they rent them out by paying a daily fee. (Philippines)

Mother and Child Clinics (Pakistan)

Poor women in Pakistan have extreme difficulty obtaining good health care for themselves and their babies, so Columbans provide maternity programs, neo and postnatal care, and vaccinations to mothers and their newborns. (Pakistan)

Wai Maw Parish School (Myanmar)

Columbans provide and education and support to young students age 3-14. Many are orphans or are abandoned. The military junta has systematically destroyed the education system, and teachers have very little incentive to teach. (Myanmar)

Fighting Illiteracy (Pakistan)

This elementary school that provides a Catholic education to many local children is in need of structural repairs and new education programs and curriculum. The parishioners said they wanted a school because they knew that education would help them break the cycle of poverty and achieve a better life for their families. (Pakistan)

Corpus Christi Community Center (Mexico)

This multi-faceted project will bring spiritual, recreational and catechetical opportunities to the people of Rancho Anapra. It will be a beacon of hope in an otherwise violent world. The parents want to protect their kids from the drugs and violence that permeates Juarez and all the communities surrounding it. (Mexico)

Chapel Renovation Projects (Taiwan)

Columbans serve in remote mountain villages of Taiwan inhabited by the indigenous Atayal people. (Taiwan)

Subanen Craft Project (Mindanao)

Unique crafts and cards are created by the Subanen women who live in the mountains of northwest Mindanao. Income from the sale of their crafts help their families, their education and their land. (Philippines)

Columban Crafts Project (Wuhan City)

Columbans provide vocational training and employment for adults with learning disabilities. They meet some of their basic needs by creating and selling inspirational greeting cards. (China)

Grameen Bank (Kazama)

Micro loans help people become small business entrepreneurs. They regain their dignity, support their families and boost the local economy. (Philippines)

Center for Academic Development (Hyderabad)

This program successfully prepares young Catholic men to gain university entrance and prepare them for advanced studies. (Pakistan)

Holy Family Parish Adult Education Classes (Chile)

Fr. Joseph Kang has established night classes in reading and writing for children and adults of the parish. (Chile)

House of St. Columban Foundation (Philippines)

Fr. Don Kill takes kids off the streets and provides them with a brighter future by giving them safety, shelter, food, clothing and an education. (Philippines)

Hangop Kabataan Special Needs School (Philippines)

Fr. Mick Sinnott’s vision helped begin this school that serves dozens of children with differing abilities and special needs, including the severely challenged and deaf. (Philippines)

Casa Joven Parish Center (Chile)

San Matias Parish Center serves as a hub for adult education classes, helping people learn essential job skills which will help lift them from oppressive poverty. (Chile)

Anapra Education Project (Cd. Juarez)

Children of Anapra benefit from an after school program that help them become proficient in Math, Science & Reading. Scholarships help many go on to college. (Mexico)

St. Luke’s School (Pakistan)

Catholic/Christian children in Pakistan, (especially young girls) are often denied educational opportunities – but not at St. Luke’s!

Childrens' Nutrition Program (Chile)

Sagrado Corazón Parish provides nutritional meals to children whose parents (mostly mothers) comprise the working poor. (Chile)

Youth Catechetical Programs (Peru)

Columban Fr. Don Hornsey is diocesan coordinator of catechetics for this mountainous diocese. The poor Andean economy resulted in funding cuts and a loss of catechetical programs.

Casa Ninos After School Program (Peru)

Children in Lima are provided with a variety of additional educational activities, keeping them off the streets and in a safe environment. (Peru)

IT Works! Dependency/Addiction Counseling (Philippines)

Columban Fr. Martin Ryan incorporates vocational training with a traditional 12-step program to help sustain his substance abuse counseling programs.The recovery program is a three-month residential spiritual course of therapy. (Philippines)