Manuel Duato Special Needs School (Peru)

Largely ignored by Peruvian society, children with different abilities and special needs are educated and given proper healthcare here. The Manuel Duato school was organized by Columbans more than 30 years ago in response to the large numbers of poor Lima families raising children with mental disabilities.

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Wai Maw Parish School (Myanmar)

Columbans provide and education and support to young students age 3-14. Many are orphans or are abandoned. The military junta has systematically destroyed the education system, and teachers have very little incentive to teach. (Myanmar)

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Fighting Illiteracy (Pakistan)

This elementary school that provides a Catholic education to many local children is in need of structural repairs and new education programs and curriculum. The parishioners said they wanted a school because they knew that education would help them break the cycle of poverty and achieve a better life for their families. (Pakistan)

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Holy Family Parish Adult Education Classes (Chile)

Fr. Joseph Kang has established night classes in reading and writing for children and adults of the parish. (Chile)

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House of St. Columban Foundation (Philippines)

Fr. Don Kill takes kids off the streets and provides them with a brighter future by giving them safety, shelter, food, clothing and an education. (Philippines)

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Hangop Kabataan Special Needs School (Philippines)

Fr. Mick Sinnott’s vision helped begin this school that serves dozens of children with differing abilities and special needs, including the severely challenged and deaf. (Philippines)

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Casa Joven Parish Center (Chile)

San Matias Parish Center serves as a hub for adult education classes, helping people learn essential job skills which will help lift them from oppressive poverty. (Chile)

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Anapra Education Project (Cd. Juarez)

Children of Anapra benefit from an after school program that help them become proficient in Math, Science & Reading. Scholarships help many go on to college. (Mexico)

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St. Luke’s School (Pakistan)

Catholic/Christian children in Pakistan, (especially young girls) are often denied educational opportunities – but not at St. Luke’s!

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Casa Ninos After School Program (Peru)

Children in Lima are provided with a variety of additional educational activities, keeping them off the streets and in a safe environment. (Peru)

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