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Ayacucho Mental Health Clinic (Peru)

Columban Sister Anne Carbon provides professional services including pharmacology, individual and group psychotherapy and substance abuse programs to the community and area.The work has grown from visiting a few patients in their homes to serving over 2000 patients with psychiatric evaluations, treatment and rehabilitation. (Peru)

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Mother and Child Clinics (Pakistan)

Poor women in Pakistan have extreme difficulty obtaining good health care for themselves and their babies, so Columbans provide maternity programs, neo and postnatal care, and vaccinations to mothers and their newborns. (Pakistan)

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IT Works! Dependency/Addiction Counseling (Philippines)

Columban Fr. Martin Ryan incorporates vocational training with a traditional 12-step program to help sustain his substance abuse counseling programs.The recovery program is a three-month residential spiritual course of therapy. (Philippines)

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