Pedaling to Live (Philippines)

Assists local Pedicab taxi operators earn a living wage for their families by helping them finance necessary equipment. Most of the pedicab drivers do not own their own vehicles; they rent them out by paying a daily fee. (Philippines)

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Subanen Craft Project (Mindanao)

Unique crafts and cards are created by the Subanen women who live in the mountains of northwest Mindanao. Income from the sale of their crafts help their families, their education and their land. (Philippines)

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Columban Crafts Project (Wuhan City)

Columbans provide vocational training and employment for adults with learning disabilities. They meet some of their basic needs by creating and selling inspirational greeting cards. (China)

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Grameen Bank (Kazama)

Micro loans help people become small business entrepreneurs. They regain their dignity, support their families and boost the local economy. (Philippines)

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