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Connecting to Country

Opportunities Abound for Interfaith Dialogue “Country” is a word that means different things to different people. Australia is a new country now populated by people from hundreds of overseas countries. But for the first Australians, “country” means something much deeper, …

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We Were Once Strangers Ourselves

One of my special memories growing up was visiting my grandmother’s house every day. She lived just up the street and without fail she had a hug and a special treat like an orange or a cookie waiting for my …

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A mother’s visit

On April 3, 2008, my mother came from Korea to China to see me. My plan wasn’t to go sightseeing but to let her see how we Columbans work in China. As a result, we met many of the people …

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Pakistan flood relief shows donor’s generosity at work

Fr. Tomás King provided the following brief summary of the work carried out with the generous funding received from Columban benefactors and friends. It covers parishes where Columbans work plus other places where Columban funding supported relief work. Two parishes …

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God’s snow and sunshine in a Rhode Island winter

Greetings from snowy Bristol. How some Columbans in Bristol, R.I. continue mission during the winter months teaching our young neighbors how to enjoy the gifts of God’s snow and sunshine!

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Christmas in China

From Father Warren Kinnie – Some pictures taken yesterday at Beiyaowan here in Shanghai where You Dao Foundation ( had a Christmas Party for some migrant kids. Lots of university student volunteers turned up to help – some 50 of …

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To Dream Dreams: Turning a Vision into Reality

“Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions” (Joel 3:1b). How wise was the prophet Joel! Well, I was once a young man with a vision. Now I am an older man, and the vision has …

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The Drapers reflect on final weeks in mission

Getting paperwork in order Updated December 3, 2010 The day after the paseo (an outing), we had a special Mass and dinner among the Columban family – priests, lay missionaries, Sisters, seminarians, employees and friends. Finally, we headed out to …

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A Diminishing Family Value: Care for the Aged

Every year in September, Japan has a national holiday called “Respect for the Aged Day.” This year that very name has taken a battering! At age 79, Fr. Barry Cairns lives and works in Japan. It all started in June …

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Opening the Door to Life and Salvation

Reviving a Sense of Mission Not long ago, I was asked to write an article on a papal apostolic prayer. I used to think of such prayers as long and windy, padded with unpronounceable words and hardly intelligible. This one …

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