Thank You from Myanmar

Fr. Noel would like to thank all of the benefactors who prayed for and supported the orphans in Myanmar following the devastating flood last year. With your support, he was able to rebuild the classrooms at the boarding school, set …

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Two Stories of Columban Lay Mission

In late 2008, Dan and Meri Diamond quit their jobs, sold their home and became lay missionaries with the Columban Fathers. History At Present Special Message They completed their formation program in California and were officially missioned in June 2009. …

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Being Missionary Today

For me, being missionary today is responding to the question: If Jesus were here now, how would He deal with this particular situation I am facing? However, this is easier said than done! Listening to my fellow lay missionaries, and …

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Diamonds on a Mission

We are Dan and Meri Diamond a lay mission couple working in Lima, Peru with the Missionary Society of St. Columban. We arrived in Lima in January of 2010 after a 7 month experience in El Paso, TX where we …

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Fr. Robert McCulloch: A Ministry Of Teaching & Health In Pakistan

In Pakistan, poor, mostly non-Christian families struggle to survive both in the major cities and in the desert of the SindhProvince in the south. What most consider the basics of life—such as education and health care—are difficult to obtain for most Pakistanis.

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Fr. Diego Cabrera Rojas: A Ministry of Music

Music is everywhere: the song of birds in the trees; on the iPod while working out at the gym; the sound of children at play. Throughout history, music and songs have been used to tell stories, transmit news and lighten …

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Fr. Vincent Busch: A Ministry That Betters The Lives Of Tribal Women

Through his association with the Subanen people, Fr. Busch witnessed their impoverished living conditions, poor diet, and inadequate access to educational and health services. Their lives were harsh especially for the women and the children.

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Fr. Shay Cullen: Defender Of Human Rights In The Philippines

For many of us, human trafficking and gross violations of human rights are what we see on the news, read about in the newspaper or catch clips online. For Columban Father Shay Cullen, preventing the abuse of women and children at the hands of human traffickers and their own governments is his life’s work.

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Fr. Bernard Toal: 65 Years As A Missionary

As a Columban Father for nearly 65 years, Fr. Bernard “Barney” Toal of Philadelphia is one of the oldest Columban priests and is still active in our Hispanic and Filipino ministry in St. Mary’s Parish in Fontana, California.

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Fr. Brian Gore: Reflections On His Vocation As A Missionary Priest

After nearly 37 years as a missionary priest, I sometimes ask myself, “If I were a young man today, would I make the same choice again?” and “Have I wasted my life?” And yet again, “Was it all worthwhile?”

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