Mobile Front

The Yean Sin House

“I’ll give it a try.” For most new initiatives, someone has to step forward and say “yes.” The year was 1993, and the initiative was the newly formed Columban lay missionary program.

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‘Thanks be to God I already had the language!’

There were a lot of things going through my mind during those times, and I gained more confidence day by day by building up a vision of what I needed to do and creating a different way of doing things. I kept on learning new things and that is what a missionary’s life is meant to be.

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Meeting God in Nature

To stand on high cliffs gazing, awestruck, at gigantic North Atlantic waves or, meditatively, at an evening ring of purple mountains, is to experience being drawn deeper into oneself and closer to nature.

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Apostleship of the Sea

Each time I have experienced Mass on sailing vessels it has been different.

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